Hi, I am Katie Chis the joint founder of Veterans Supporting Veterans Naturally, I STRONGLY believe everyone has the ability to step into their own power and enjoy their time on this amazing planet of ours.


I often work with veterans and first responders who feel disconnected, lost, alone, left picking up the pieces after sacrificing so much for others. I love to educate and create awareness around natural solutions through connection & collaboration. I aim to empower others to recreate the missing pieces in their lives.


I have served for 19 years so far in both full time and reserve capacity for Australia Army. Started out as RAADC (dental) & now RAAOC (clerical). I am a mother to 3 active young children and wife to my best friend who I met during a promotion course in Defence when posted to Darwin in 2004.


I have been using Healy wearable device daily now since April 2020, it has been a game changer in my mental and overall health. I highly recommend this German made device to people and believe that in 5 years time there will be one in nearly every home. A healer in your own pocket.


The amazing people and community of like minded individuals I have met through Healy and other natural modalities has changed me as a person. I live to serve others and by giving I can openly receive and live in complete gratitude. I welcome you into our community and will support you always X.

Cert IV Fitness Personal Training

Cert IV Training and Assessment

Cert IV Business (Frontline Mgmt)

Cert IV Workplace Health & Safety

aromaZen - Certified Facilitator 



Veterans Supporting Veterans NATURALLY

Brisbane, Australia


Phone: 0402 621 180

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