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We live in a world where war, peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts, large scale emergencies and natural disasters are part of our everyday life. Our children are growing up never knowing a world without war. These things happen, and will continue to happen. Human nature and history have proven this.

For those of us that have had to be part of the response to these “things” – military and first responders alike – we are very often left with physical and mental scars.

Sometimes we ask for help, sometimes we think if we ignore it, it will go away, there are times when we think we deserve it, and then there are the times we think if we can go away – that will fix everything – and yes, I am talking about suicide here.

Right now, we are building a network so that YOU can start to re-build whatever part of you it is that needs to be re-built. Our network currently includes Life-Coaching, Wellness advocates, GP's that integrate holistic health and also have a very good background with DVA and the formal processes, psychologists & Mental Health professionals, physiotherapists, remedial therapists, yoga and Pilates instructors, martial arts instructors with classes just for veterans and first responders, RSL's, Young Veterans, Mates4Mates, PTSD Dogs Australia and our list is growing.

We are currently serving Army members and ex-Army members, we are veterans, and we are peace-keepers, we are humanitarian aid workers. So, we know you! We now advocate for a life health, wellness, natural solutions to assist your life and your living it. We are educators and coaches. We are family, we are you.

At Veterans Supporting Veterans Naturally we will be offering face to face group workshops, one on one education and online courses on how to integrate natural solutions into your everyday life, pain management, sleep management, anxiety and stress management, living low-tox, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing, and life coaching. We will publish all of our events through our FaceBook page (link at bottom of post). With our very first being a group workshop - How to be Happy in 2020 at the Gaythorne RSL (you can get your tickets through our FaceBook event).

It is our mission to provide vital support to our veteran and first responder community with natural solutions to their health, wellness, lifestyle and home. Through education, an integrated healthcare network, life-coaching and support we aim to provide an alternative to over the counter solutions to better health, wellness and everyday life.

We can't wait to meet you and bring you forward into a future where your health, wellness and lifestyle are in your own hands.

Katie & Nikki.

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